April 6, 2021

Virtual tour hydrogen refuelling station

A new way to introduce a development project.

Virtual tour hydrogen refuelling station

The corona pandemic made project developers find new ways to allow the public visiting a project.   Also CMB.TECH, Antwerp, a major competitor on the refuelling market, was in need of another way to present a new project to interested customers after the planned event was unfortunately cancelled for the obvious reason.  So, CMB.TECH consulted the Immersive Technology experts of Lifelike to find a way to introduce its new project corona proof.  

What is this new project? CMB.TECH has built up expertise in the hydrogen refuelling space: first, as a customer of the early automotive refuelling stations; then as a designer, building the world's first mobile hydrogen refuelling station. This expertise has accumulated in its latest project: the world's first refuelling station that produces its own green hydrogen developed to facilitate the refuelling of cars/trucks/tube trailers and ships.

How is the project introduced to the public?  The experts of Lifelike Immersive Technology have built a virtual tour of the new refuelling station. The tour enables an online visit: complete, elaborate, and….safe!    This was exactly what CMB.TECH had in mind.

How did Lifelike tackle this challenge?  Indeed, how do we create an online tour of something that has not  been built …. yet?  We started by creating 360 renders of the 3D modelled environment of the station. This is one of the early renders we made to test our concept:

Early render

Then,  we added realistic 360 photo of the environment:

360 street view photo

Next step was to merge those together by using Adobe Photoshop magic and Adobe Lightroom effects:

Final render

Now that we have sufficient photos, it is time to create the tour. The objective is a full interactive tour allowing the user to discover and experience what a hydrogen refuelling station really is like. Therefore, we create interesting popup buttons so that the user can open a popup information screen.

Info popups

Finally, Lifelike adds photos and popups together and there it is: a complete visual tour showing 17 unique locations with 25 popups (photos and text) and  presented in three languages.

The virtual tour is experienced here: virtual-tour | CMB TECH

Do you want to know more about the world first hydrogen refueling station?  

Visit: Antwerp Refuelling Station | CMBTECH

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