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The Augmented Reality Studio 🚀

Lifelike is an experienced studio that creates interactive and impactful Augmented Reality experiences for innovate brands.  We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Augmented Reality across advertising, e-commerce and enterprise.

We love to create
Marketing campaigns
Product launches
Project showcases
Instore/booth experiences
Event promotion

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Measure & optimize the performance of our client’s XR campaigns.



Build custom Augmented Reality applications from the ground up.

Design and Content

Design and Content

Create and design custom content for your Augmented Reality solution.

Innovation and Strategy

Innovation and Strategy

Identify innovative Augmented Reality strategies and solutions.


Lifelike Masterclass 🎯

Augmented Reality technology is evolving quickly: from catching virtual Pokémon’s to navigating a brain tumor in Neurosurgery. Lifelike has done it all!

Lifelike AR Masterclass is a live event were the possibilities and opportunities of Augmented Reality are presented for your business. Employ our 5 years of researching and developing experience with this new innovative technology. During the class we will showcase some of our reference cases using visuals and footage.

Your Team will:
·      Experience Augmented Reality firsthand
·      Understand the technology
·      Utilize this knowledge in your organization

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It’s time to show off

Marketing Campaign

KRC Genk Shirt launch

For their 19-20 season kit launch, KRC Genk is pioneering by lauching its new player outfits in Augmented Reality. During a volumetric photoshoot, Theo Bongonda was captured in 3D wearing the new Home, Away and Alternative kit. In the app a 3D model of the player could be viewed with detailed textures applied to it, the design of the shirt and sponsors on the outfit would be kept a secret until the launch day.

Instore Experience

Philip Hue Magic Lights

Lifelike created a Magic Leap application for the Brussels Erasmus University Medialab. The goal of the project is to develop a prototype application emerging Mixed Reality and Philips Hue smart lights. The application connects the digital interface as seen on the Magic Leap display and the physical world by controlling smart lights.

Project Showcase

CMB Tech Virtual Tour

Lifelike created an online virtual tour for the shipping company CMB TECH.

In March 2021, this will be the image you get when you visit our hydrogen refueling station. Can't wait that long? Click the link below and experience our virtual tour now! Virtual tours are a useful medium for showcasing and pitching projects to stakeholders and allowing visitors to experience the project from around the world.

Product Launch

McDonald's Red Devils Burger

Lifelike has collaborated with McDonald's and The Red Devils to create an AR experience for the new Red Devils Burger! 🍔 😈

Try it out now by downloading the McDonald’s app, scanning the box and watch your favorite animated Red Devil appear. This is a great example of how AR can help customers engage with products and make companies stand out from the competition.


Behind LifeLike

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